Professional Recruitment


Consortium have developed powerful networks giving us access to hiring managers across a vast array of sectors and locations nationally and in some instances overseas.

We specialise in careers, not jobs. We appreciate the reasons you may be looking can be varied, but firmly believe in “measuring twice and cutting once”

To that end, we insist on a thorough conversation with you around your situation and drivers for considering or looking for a move.

Seen a job you are interested in?

Speak to one of our consultants today!

Our specialist consultants will be more than happy to discuss the vacancy and explore your alignment to the position. We will share our view on the best route forward and agree this with you. 

Keen to find your next challenge and looking for support?

Contact one of our team to explore your options!

We will work consultatively with you to understand where you are now, where you want to be and work with you to develop a strategy to get you there.

Our networks value our consultative approach and we maintain open channels of communication with our clients to make strategic introductions where we feel there is alignment to the long term strategy of a company and the suite of skills you can offer; even if they don’t have a live role.

Due to our depth of understanding of both your skills and our clients operations, often times this can lead to the creation of a position that is more aligned than if you were to apply for an “off the shelf” role on the job boards.

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